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The Alps Merchandising Corporation started in 1960 as a small trading company.
1960‘s. Located in the Central Business District of Chinatown, Manila. Main product line comprised of brass, copper and stainless steel raw materials like tubing, pipes, bushing, wires, bars, and shafting imported from Japan, Taiwan, and Korea.

1970‘s. Ventured into machine and tools sales. The company began importing machinery, like lathes, milling, drilling, generators and tools such as saws, tool bits, and drill bits from Germany, Taiwan, and China. Alps Merchandising also successfully acquired exclusive distributorship of Neil tools and Sandvik products.  Offering competitive pricing to its customers, Alps quickly developed an outstanding reputation in the industry. By the early 1970’s, Alps become the leading importer and distributor of brass and bronze materials in Metro Manila.

1980‘s. To better serve the demands of the metal industry, Alps further expanded its product line to include copper and aluminum materials, measuring devices and materials handling equipment.

1990‘s.With over 30 years in the metal industry, Alps continue to serve as a major supplier of raw materials and heavy equipment to different industries like construction, shipping, electrical, machine shops, and hardware stores.

1997‘s. Following along its mission to bring better quality products at an economical price to its customers, Alps Merchandising successfully negotiated a joint venture with a China Export Agency.  A new company was formed to serve a vast range of conditioning industry. This merger promises a far more efficient and cost-effective way in bringing China products to the local market. We strongly believed and has now proven that the joint venture has resulted in a mutually satisfying business friendship between customers and our company.


Today, We now have two warehouses, spanning approx 500 sq. meter each.

Each one housing the most comprehensive inventory of raw materials, metal of all kinds, shapes, and sizes.

We also provide cutting, re-sharpening, EDM-Wire Cutting and grinding services to tailor our products to your precise specification. Our machines and heavy equipment are backed by the best training, service, and warranty in the country.

Complementing our product line are our staff of dedicated professionals ready to serve and help you with your specific needs and requirements.


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